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Here is some material you can watch, regarding the development of your baby.

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4 and 6 wks after conception!

See how beautifully a baby’s heart beats 4 weeks and 6 weeks after conception, and how the arms and legs begin to grow. So special! 

Video is owned by www.erf.science, a scientific foundation with no political affiliation or position on policy issues.

Development of baby

Beautiful images development from day 1, how the heart starts beating, moving arms etc. 7 minutes with images of alive babies moving.

The miracle of life

Drawn animation of how we all start our lives. With music.

Flash of light

Check out the moment a sperm makes contact with an egg. Egg releases zinc atoms at exact moment of conception

7 weeks

Beautiful images of a living baby in the womb, 7 weeks from conception.

8 weeks

Only 8 weeks old from conception – incredible how much baby moves. Images of a living baby.

7 + 10 wk ultrasound

Ultrasound of 10 wk and 7 wk baby moving in womb, beating heart sound 6 wk – from conception. Credit unborn.com Shari Richards

The Silent Scream

Watch how beatiful your baby moves with 9 weeks from conception. Living baby.






The Silent Scream

How a baby moves away during the abortion. Abortionist Nathanson stopped being pro-choice after seeing these ultrasound images.