(6)   Videos vaccines – the jab – gene therapy



Some videos on the topic of vaccines, the jab, DNA, gene therapy etc.



What the HEK-293?

How were the HEK-293 cells originally obtained, and where?

Tip: Nederlands


Removing the god-gene

MRI brain scans. The inhibition of VMAT2 phenotype…to change a religious brain to a non-religious brain structure.  Proposal under the name FunVax.

Insertional mutagenesis

When the DNA of another human being is combined with the DNA of the person, causing mutation of DNA of the person receiving? Fragments recombining into nucleus of cell? Min. 10 Chimerism, gender identity?

HEK-293 cell culture

See the live cells of HEK-293 moving in this time-lapse under the microscope