AbortionInformation.eu is a human rights organisation set up by women who regret their abortion. We missed crucial information in the decision making process of our abortion.

AbortionInformation.eu education includes showing medical scientific images. Locally, we also help pregnant mothers, including free baby articles.



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8 wk















abortion pill baby 7 wk
abortion pill baby 7 wk
















medicinal and surgical abortion













heartbeat sound:  6  wk

baby jumping:       7  +   10  wk


















Street awareness campaigns
street awareness campaigns
Method medical abortion 9 wk

















3.300 babies every day EU27 1 in 5 pregnancies ipfe.org
3.300 babies every day EU27
Help available if in the Netherlands



















8-10 wk
8 - 10 wk


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3.300 babies every day EU27

1 in 5 pregnancies       ipfe.org

Abortion is often allowed until 24 weeks = 6 months

Baby is then 30 cm = length A4 sheet paper




help is available if in NL
help available if in NL