Where do the bodies go?



Where are the bodies?

It’s a question nobody wants to think about.

We live in a culture where children are treated as trash.

Where do you put a million bodies? (Netherlands 40 years abortions)

Abortion is about people. People whose lives have started. People who have bodies. 

After they are dismembered, suctioned, poisoned, where do they go?

Where do their broken bodies go after we kill them? Disposal of bodies….


“As she shifted the bag, a severed arm appeared. It was a baby boy of at least 6 months gestation (6×4=24 weeks), cut into pieces by the abortionist. We took him and laid out his broken body on a paper towel.”


And other babies? We flush them down toilets and drains. Abortion pills at home: do you want your baby to end up in the sewer where rats can gnaw their bodies? Your home will be reminder. We put them in garbage bags and waste containers. We send them to universities to be dissected. 

And they flow through the pipes underneath our churches. 

Is there anybody who will hear?


I have spoken to a man who collected the babies from the clinics. He quit his job as his conscience plagued him – did not want to be part of it.

I have been inside an abortion clinic in New York. On another storey of the building, I was told that the building at times was shut down for days, as the grinding machine in the sink that grinds up the babies, had become clogged. 


What are we doing?



1 baby per bag

©ProLifeSociety.net with permission

Clinic trash – canula

©ProLifeSociety.net with permission

Clinic rubbish

©ProLifeSociety.net with permission

Home abortion pill

©CBR in NL: AbortusInformatie.nl

End in toilet and sewer with rats gnawing them?

Gauzes suction jar

©ProLifeSociety.net with permission

Discarded baby in bag

©ProLifeSociety.net with permission

Clinic emergency

©AbortusInformatie.nl with permission


©AbortusInformatie.nl with permission

Saved for experiments


Biological medical waste


Sink grinder

©AbortusInformatie.nl with permission

Outside clinic


Clinic trash

©CBR in NL: AbortusInformatie.nl

6-13 wk from conception

Amsterdam trash

©AbortusInformatie.nl Babies treated like garbage in more ways than one – our sign of 6 wk baby



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