How do they do it?


Not only are there surgical abortions, but there are also medicinal abortions using pills. Sometimes the woman’s baby falls into the toilet and she is shocked to see a mini-baby lying there and not a “lump of cells”. End up in the toilet and sewer with gnawing rats? Her own home will now be a reminder of this death.


Another method is to inject potassium chloride/digoxin that causes a heart attack. Digoxin is generally used to treat heart problems, but a high dosage of digoxin will cause fatal cardiac arrest for the baby.


Yet another method is cutting the umbilical cord.

According to one study, 100% of babies died within 11 minutes of cutting the umbilical cord.


Metal dilation rods can be inserted to force the opening to the womb, followed by a suction canula. Some women are traumatized by the sound of vacuum cleaners afterwards. Under oath, it was stated that a baby’s heart can still beat when they fall into the jar. Or the baby can be pulled apart. The jar into which the baby falls goes to the POC lab (product of conception – Parts Of Children – children parts). The contents are dumped in a glass baking dish on top of a light box and the baby’s body parts are placed together to check that no body parts have been left behind. The POC technicians then dump the leftovers into a red biodegradable zippered bag, which goes into a freezer in the POC lab that some staff have jokingly called ‘the nursery’.


A company that processes biodegradable medical waste comes to collect the frozen babies to be incinerated. Others have been known to grind their babies down a sink and end up in wastewater processing.



Pill at home?

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End up in the toilet and sewer with gnawing rats?

Is this what you want for your child?



POC lab 1


POC lab 2


POC lab 3


POC lab 4









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Opening womb



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Below are several steps that are followed in a surgical procedure.

Beware: graphic images

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First speculum(s) are inserted making the womb entrance visible – the cervix . Then anaesthesia is injected, while a sharp tenaculum grabs the entrance, and holds it in place. With the other hand the abortionist rams/pushes dilation rods in varying sizes from small to larger in one by one, one after the other, into the opening, to make it wider and wider. Then instruments grope inside the womb, pulling out what they can find: a leg, a hand, an arm, torso… and placenta. Suction can be applied to suction out the contents of the uterus. In my case the lining of my womb was also scraped – extremely painful.

Another method is a dosis of a medicine to expel the baby as a whole baby. This could include Misoprostol. Misoprostol is een geneesmiddel dat wordt gebruikt ter voorkoming van maagzweren. Misoprostol is het werkzame bestanddeel van Cytotec. Cytotec remt de vorming van maagzuur en beschermt de maag en het dunne darmslijmvlies tegen de inwerking van maagzuur, acetylsalicylzuur en andere anti-reumamiddelen. ‘Deze bijsluiter is voor het laatst goedgekeurd in februari 2021’




Speculum insertion




Anaesthesia injection into cervix – womb entrance


Closeup during abortion forcing opening cervix – sharp tenaculum holds womb-entrance in place, while dilating rod is pushed in


Tenaculum pierces cervix, and grabs hold while dilation rods ranging in size from small to large width, are inserted one by one, one after the other, to force open the entrance to the womb – the cervix – wider and wider


Baby’s leg….


Sharp curette pulls out baby’s torso.

And so piece by piece the baby is removed…. 


Severely pulled down cervix held in place with sharp instruments while other instruments go inside to pull out other pieces of the baby


Baby’s arm….


A foot….


A hand….






What you see above here in the photos, is explained in this animation video:




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