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Who are we?


AbortionInformation.eu is a human rights organisation set up by women who missed crucial information when making their own abortion decision.

Our board members have affinity with abortion.

In Dutch our name is: AbortusInformatie.nl


We educate amongst others by showing medical scientific images in educational outreaches.

We also help women contemplating whether to keep their child, or work through the processing of their abortion.


“If I had seen these sorts of images earlier, I would never have decided to abort, and would have been spared years of guilt, remorse, sorrow and regret” says Salome van der Wende who – together with other women who had also undergone an abortion – founded the charitable organisation AbortionInformation.eu. “Information in advance can save suffering afterwards.”


We are the Dutch affiliate of CBR Center for Bio-Ethical Reform www.abortionno.org, but operate completely independently. Together with our sister organisations we help to educate the world about the reality of babies in the womb, with regards to abortion.

We are also known as CBRNL Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Netherlands.


CBR America: Center for Bio-Ethical Reform abortionNO.org

United Kingdom: cbruk.org brephos.org

Netherlands: AbortusInformatie.nl, AbortionInformation.eu

Canada: endthekilling.ca

Poland: stopaborcji.pl, stronazycia.pl

Sweden: abortnej.se

Finland: lopettakaatappaminen.tk

Czech Republic: stopgenocide.czsvobodavolby.cz

Estonia: abort.ee,  elukultuur.wordpress.com

Norway: kirken.com, abort.no

Slovakie: cbreurope.sk

Denmark: rettentilliy.dk/aarhus-2007

Spain: abortono.org

Ireland: icbr

South Africa: lifeinyourhands.co.za

Togo: delacompassion.unblog.fr

Mexico: sialavida.org

Russia: abortus.net

Pakistan: prolifepakistan.org





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We receive no subsidies and are completely dependent on people like yourself, who give a one-time gift, or regular gifts. Every amount is welcome!

Thank you so much!

In the Netherlands gifts to our organisation are tax deductible, as our charity has ANBI status.



World Population Day and visit of Dutch Prime Minister Rutte with Trump at the time of “children separated at the border”

Box with models we sent to government parties dus to expected law changes in 2022.

6-7, 11-12 and 18 wk from conception

Launching van advertising


“The freedom of one should not be at the expense … of the other” Prime minister Rutte The Netherlands