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Pregnant? What to do?


Contemplating an abortion?


Struggling after abortion? 

We offer hope to those who have been personally affected by abortion.

Feel free to contact us.

















Are you pregnant?


Congratulations! You are mother!


Many choices and decisions have to be made when you are pregnant. You may be in doubt or under pressure from your partner, family or friends.


Sometimes it means closing chapters to move forward.


We are here to help you in this difficult time … and to think alongside with you …


Feel free to contact us, without obligation … We have a listening ear …

We can help you sort things out.


Your situation may seem difficult to oversee now, but problems are often temporary and can be resolved.

Life never goes as you plan it yourself … sometimes it goes to plan B, or to plan C, or to plan M ….


You are stronger than you think.

You can – really! 

You are not alone.

Others have preceded you.


The most beautiful piece of jewelry around your neck is your child’s arms …


It is sometimes easier to choose ‘fear’ in the short term. Or succumb to the pressure around you from others who say you should abort otherwise … and you will be able to experience a relief right after you do. But … life lasts longer. We carry it with us. Nothing in life happens without consequences.

But think carefully before making a decision. What does your heart say deep down. What are your personal values. Where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years. Go against your conscience? What consequences that could possibly have in the longer term. Think of scenarios in which you later have children and explain to them what you did to their brother or sister. How could that affect your relationship when they realize they are missing a brother or sister? Just think about it … consider it … before making a decision.



© with permission
© with permission

2in1 is a division of Stichting – a human rights organization – founded by women who lacked crucial information when making their own choice of abortion.

We are innovative and shifting in the battle for the rights of babies.


One of the goals of our foundation is to offer baby items free of charge to women who are pregnant and considering abortion in The Netherlands.

Our first space was opened 11.11.11

pionering a space where pregnant women can pick out baby clothes, bottles, maxi cosi, crib and the like free of charge.

This helps reduce the financial pressure to abort.


After having had baby supplies at 10 locations throughout the Netherlands, we have phased this down on 20.2.2020, as others now also offer this, however we do still help mothers contemplating abortion, for example with a sponsorship program.


We call this department 2in1, because it concerns 2 bodies in 1 body.


For more information, we refer you to our Dutch site: Help NL

We have ANBI status – donations in The Netherlands are tax deductible and very welcome! Either once or recurring regularly!


Bank IBAN: NL85 ABNA 0521 0447 15

BIC (Swift code):  ABNANL2A

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Thank you so much!

© 2in1
© 2in1




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