Because we find it inhumane that arms and legs are torn off children, babies are poisoned, starved or beheaded and their lives intentionally prematurely ended through abortion, we started this human rights organization. In Dutch, our foundation is called, in English


1. The goal of the foundation is


(a) to be active in the area of human rights, sexuality, abortion and the possible consequences of it, amongst others, by providing information, support and shelter;

(b) to carry out further actions which, in all senses of the word, relate to or could be conducive to above mentioned areas.


2. The foundation aims to achieve her goals, amongst others, by:


(a) providing information and education to promote public awareness on abortion: procedures, consequences, experiences and development of a baby in the womb;

(b) supporting women with an unplanned pregnancy (medical, material, financial, emotional and mental help), also after the birth of their baby;

(c) offering special provisions and courses for parents and the child, in order to promote their well being;

(d) setting up ‘abortion information centers’, a contact point for forced abortions, and organize platform days, symposia and theme days;

(e) providing opportunities for help after abortion (or sexual abuse) through socalled healing groups/retreats, peers’ days, commemorative monuments and/ or memorial services; the foundation also aims to offer women (post abortion) consolation, information, support and healing;

(f) providing sexual education to help prevent unplanned pregnancy (prevention through education), sexually transmitted diseases STD’s etc., as well as offering medical diagnosis of STD’s and other related diseases;

(g) attention to monitoring and ensuring implementation of due care standards surrounding abortion, also availability of an adequate offer of legal assistance with regards to the abortion issue;

(h) promoting the kind of legislation and regulations, as a result of which more restraint and a careful approach towards abortion will be taken, with more options coming into being for expectant mothers to give up their (not yet born) baby, as well as issuing advice and proposals to the government in this matter;


all in the broadest sense of the word.


The foundation aims to operate on both micro and macro level. The foundation is open to cooperation with other individuals and/or legal entities as well as with other organizations in the above mentioned areas. 

The foundation is established for an indefinite period.

The assets of the foundation are to be formed through sponsoring, subsidies, grants, donations, inheritances and legacies and other income resources.

Board members receive no remuneration. 




About us



Name charity NGO:             in English

                                                    AbortusInformatie.n          in Dutch


Fiscal RSIN number:                  8502.05.566


Registered in Trade Register    KvK 51864517

of Chamber of Commerce in



Addres:                                       P.O. Box 16426


Postal code:                               1001 RM 


City:                                             Amsterdam


Country:                                     The Netherlands








Tel:                                              +31(0) 6 20 46 43 26


Bank:                                          ABN Amro

                                                   IBAN: NL85  ABNA


                                                   BIC (Swift code) ABNA NL2A




Our board comprises a chairman, secretary and treasurer. The present composition of the board can be found at bestuur.pdf



Board members receive no remuneration as work is done on a voluntary basis.


Staff / volunteers

There are no hired employees. Work was carried out by unpaid volunteers. These were engaged in supporting our work for our projects in the short and long term. 





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