The secret code of a rape exception.


Do rapists get the death penalty? Then why the baby? The father harmed me, but I harmed my baby (decapitated & dismembered – see front page picture) – she didn’t do anything wrong.

If conceived in love or hate – are we less human? Our beginnings don’t determine what we can do with our lives. Support the mother, save the baby. Help instead of kill. Perhaps adoption. Having experienced both sides, and having been conceived in violence myself, I speak of so-called ‘hard cases’ and
‘hardened hearts’.

It’s elitist to say some deserve to be born, and other’s don’t deserve protection. It’s dehumanizing that my people-group is considered a pawn, a
scapegoat, as if we are a bargaining chip. I’m a human being worthy of love and life just like you.

Violence (the rape) compounded with more violence (tearing my baby apart) in the same place, did not heal me from the rape – whereas a baby can give a sense of purpose to one’s life. Something good can come from something awful.

Whether conceived in hate, or in love with wine and roses, makes no difference to my right to remain alive. I owe my life to politicians who didn’t gleefully sign off my life with the stroke of a pen, to be thrown in the bottom of a garbage bin. In western countries, we don’t kill rapists. We don’t see women advocating for someone to kill their rapist – only for someone to kill their child.


In civilized countries, we don’t punish innocent people for someone else’s crime. That’s barbaric. Children born as a result of rape have intrinsic value, no matter how they were conceived.

In a study ‘Victims and Victors’, none of the women who gave birth to a child conceived in sexual assault expressed regret or wished they had aborted instead, whereas almost 80% of the women who aborted a pregnancy conceived in sexual assault reported that abortion had been the wrong solution, many expressing it only increased the trauma. I was not prepared for the regret.

If a law says no one should be denied protection, but you have a rape exception, you’re denying equal protection to my people-group. We are brutally hunted by legislators. Like we don’t deserve to be alive.