When human male sperm unites with human female egg, a new human offspring’s life starts.

Within the first cell is already known the colour of hair, skin, eyes, male or female, and unique blood type that can be separate from the mother.

Many embryologists confirm life starts at conception. In doubt? Check out, or look to see this very brief footage showing the beating heart. THe heart starts around day 18-21 – in the footage it can be seen pumping at 4 weeks 4 days = 32 days from conception.


The only use of the uterus is to provide a home for a baby – a child with unique DNA from day 1.

If a little boy is growing, does the woman have a penis?

If a leg is torn off, is the mother missing a leg?


In the submenus on the following pages, you can see amazing images of living babies in the womb of their mother.



Prenatal 6-10 wk

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