Below is some music that can be listened to.

The order is at random.


Music 1: “My Baby ” Salome van der Wende

Written by our founder after regrets of losing her firstborn to abortion.

Music 2: “I am the Unborn” Barry Butler

Music 3:  “Unborn”

Caitlin Jane with Nicolle Maurer.

Music 4: “Untold”

Matthew West

Music 5: “Can I live”

Nick Cannon

Music 6: “Looking Back” by Kevin Burke and Henry Gennaria


Music 7: “8 million roses”

Melissa Hubert

Representing 8 million abortions since the 1967abortion act in UK

Music 8: “This could change everything”

Francesca Battistelli

Music 9: “Pro-life song”  the Deplorables

10 little toes that will never touch the sand.


Music 10: “Please”

My life is real

Vince Lichlyter and Rob Yantis



Music 11: “What was your name”


Music 12: “9 months” Barbara Dias



Music 13: “Fearfully + Wonderfully Made” Mary James