Stories regarding abortion:




A young woman whose friend and mother demanded that she abort her baby contacted us.


“I have never forgotten you. I want to thank you again for your support back then, it helped me so much!

She is […] the most precious thing I have! ”


“My advice to other women in this situation would be to find the right information, because the information that abortion clinics provide is not medically accurate and from there you will have to make an emotional and moral choice for yourself. Anyway, I suspect that there would be far fewer abortions if the medical information was correct, but they continue to claim that it’s no big deal and the baby is nothing, which is not at all correct.”


Before contacting us, she had “been in contact by phone with an abortion clinic online claiming to also help women make the right decision for them. I spoke to this clinic by phone and they did not discuss the benefits of keeping the unborn child at all, however, they continued to insist that it was an early pregnancy from the first day of the last menstrual period and that it was nothing more than some cells.

So abortion was the right choice and an excellent choice.

The other option was not even discussed, the conversation gave me a very monotonous, businesslike feeling – it did not feel fair or sincere …


And there was no emotion/empathy whatsoever, and helping make the right decision simply meant helping to convince that abortion is fine and is nothing.


After this conversation I started looking online for more information …

Eventually I ended up on your website! And I decided to email you – I needed some honest advice, someone who dared to tell me what abortion really meant.

To this day I am still amazed at the way in which some people are able to downplay abortion… ”


She gave birth to a beautiful daughter. And yes, her mother is now very happy with her grandchild – the pressure and negativity was temporary.

Seek support. Even if there is only one person who believes in you….

Don’t let yourself be intimidated. You are stronger than you think.

You are not alone. 






More stories will be added later!

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