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Below some videos on abortion.



17.5 wk

A 17.5 week baby from conception, after his abortion.

VIdeo footage AbortionNO.org



Choice blues – 2

A video from Center for Bio-Ethical Reform that opened my eyes to abortion

Abortion reality

A view on abortion – the reality.

Video is by AbortusInformatie.nl

Tony Levatino

A former abortionist tells how abortions are done


Abortion pill

…toilet, it was unbearable the pain, and that’s when I passed my baby. I looked down and saw him, it wasn’t like a heavy period, it was like a baby. I must have flushed it down the toilet…

Abortion pill – how?

How does the abortion pill work?

The Silent Scream

How a baby creeps away during an abortion. Abortionist Nathanson stopped being pro-choice after seeing this ultrasound

Abortion procedures

How various forms of abortion are carried out – explained by former abortionist Tony Levatino

The sound of abortion

Metal beating the side of a tin can. Each strike represents 10.000 lives lost in the wars of America’s past… and abortion. ‘The reality of what is occuring in your country.’ Min. .35+

Digoxin heart attack

‘I taught myself’ how to inject preborn babies’ hearts to kill them – abortionist Curtis Boyd.

Method – if baby is bigger