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Below are some films or documentaries that can be watch, or part of them.



Sing a little louder

10 minute film – are we acting as if it doesn’t happen, just like then? Filmed in the Netherlands – we helped. Dutch subtitles: www.facebook.com/



AriseSweetSarah trailer

Trailer of the film Arise Sweet Sarah..  a ballet about a woman who had an abortion, and attempts to deal with it


AriseSweetSarah scene

A scene from the ballet Arise Sweet Sarah, in which the song written and sung by our founder is included

The Silent Scream

Watching an abortion take place, through ultrasound. Abortionist Dr Bernard Nathanson became prolife due to this.  Baby 11 wk from conception

Abortion Crusade

#DannyOpStraat interviews some organisations that defend babies, including ourselves at minutes:

1) 3.30 – 6.15

2) 12.44 – 12.50

3) 13.40 – 13.50

4) 14.13 –  14.18

5) 15.25 – 16.21

Amazing Grace

The film Amazing Grace is about how slavery was eradicated in England. William Wilberforce lead this movement. This segment is at the end of his life, where ending slavery is finally outlawed by the government.

Amazing Grace trailer

William WIlberforce spoke for those who could not speak, made the blind see by showing shackles and chains slaves endured, and lead a movement that changed the world.


Unplanned brings us an eye-opening look inside the abortion industry from a woman who was once it’s most passionate advocate, but changed after helping with an abortion of a 13 week child following on ultrasound.

Skip the first 15 minutes.