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Hieronder wat mogelijkheden om zelf te bekijken en beluisteren:


Onder andere van onze zusterorganisatie CBRUK in Engeland:


Equipped to Educate series – learn how to become an excellent defender of the unborn child.


Kijk ook bij onze zusterorganisatie in Canada: https://www.endthekilling.ca/classroom/



Defending the Unborn

Pro-life apologetics. Learn how to make a simple scientific and philosophical case for the humanity and personhood of the unborn child.

Answering the Abortion Advocate

Learn how to respond to the tricky questions used by those who have been taught to advocate for abortion.

There is a Way – Life and Recovery

Learn how to start a conversation and offer hope and support to those who have had an abortion, or those who are considering abortion.

Pro-choice comments

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