(4)  Videos music


Below is some music that can be listened to.

The order is at random.


Music 1: “Arise Sweet Sarah” ballet excerpt – Silent Scream & My Baby

Music 2: “I am the Unborn” Barry Butler

Music 3:  “Unborn”

Caitlin Jane with Nicolle Maurer.

Music 4: “Untold”

Matthew West

Music 5: “Can I live”

Nick Cannon

Music 6: “Looking Back” by Kevin Burke and Henry Gennaria


Music 7: “8 million roses”

Melissa Hubert

Representing 8 million abortions since the 1967abortion act in UK

Music 8: “This could change everything”

Francesca Battistelli

Music 9: “Pro-life song”  the Deplorables

10 little toes that will never touch the sand.


Music 10: “Please”

My life is real

Vince Lichlyter and Rob Yantis



Music 11: “My Baby” Salome van der Wende

Song by a woman who regrets abortion after rape

Music 12: “9 months” Barbara Dias



Music 13: “Fearfully + Wonderfully Made” Mary James


Music 14 “Let me live”  the unborn child’s plea

Pat Boone



Music 15 “Can you hear my crying” I’m calling out to you 

Night Water Project

Music 16 “Oblivious” Clint Campbell

You’re silencing my voice, in the name of ‘choice’