AbortusInformatie.nl at EO Youth Day




We held an educational display to bring awareness to visitors of the 2017 EO Jongerendag youth day held in Arnhem Gelredome.

There were around 20.000 visitors, many of whom passed us on either side on the way in.

A politician of the D66 party in Arnhem was furious, believing it to be EO youth displaying our signs, instead of us – AbortusInformatie.nl.


One passerby complained, and shortly after Evangelisch Omroep EO staff walked up. When we responded we had done the paperwork with the council, and this was the area they had allocated, they left to check. ‘Helaas stonden deze mensen niet op het terrein van het Gelredome en konden ze daardoor niet weggestuurd worden door medewerkers’.


A prior year a man had complained his lunch didn’t taste so good with our images in the vicinity. EO had sent us 3 different security people, the latter telling us to leave, or get arrested. 

Simply showing two pictures on the road outside the building on the edge of the open area was not permitted by EO, claiming private property. We were only welcome if we came with a large sack of money to pay for a stand. So this year we stood on verified public area.


An earlier year EO BEAM sent us 3 different security, telling us to get off the premises or get arrested. In the news they said there had been no incidents. This was in 2014 at Gelredome in Arnhem. Many were educated in the 20 minutes before we had to leave. 

There seemed to be a misunderstanding of the meaning of the sign ‘op dit terrein is de wegenverkeerswetgeving van toepassing’.

So in 2016 we notified the council beforehand we would be standing outside the entrance gates. Thousands of incoming traffic saw our signs. We were not sent away