TV ad refused in Netherlands STER NPO 1 2 3




Too ‘sensitive’ and too ‘shocking’ – major Dutch TV channel refuses advertisement showing 4 and 6 week* alive baby in the womb STER NPO1 2 and 3.
“The censoring by STER is the best evidence that Dutch pro-aborts feel threatened that medical scans of an alive baby in the womb would expose abortion for what it is”, says spokesperson Salome van der Wende. initially intended to show a 30 second educational advertisement on STER NPO 1, 2 and 3. STER responded saying: “Given the sensitive subject, this can be perceived as too shocking for viewers. Also, we do not want this from a legal and company perspective.”
Yesterday and today however, our 30 second ad is being aired 10 times on a different channel AT5 TV, as we further expand our educational outreach.


A version of the advertisement can be seen here:

*from conception
Update: due to the censorship, contacted the government in the Netherlands, the minister responsible for Media. After contact between 3 parties: <-> government <-> NPO STER the good news is that, to their credit, NPO STER did change their stance, and allowed the airing of our 30 second advertisement after all.


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