Een kinderleven hoort niet onderin een vuilnisbak te eindigen, of in de wc en riool tussen de knagende ratten.


Deze week begonnen wij een bewustwordingscampagne door het hele land, bij o.a. bushokjes.



Too ‘sensitive’ and too ‘shocking’ – major Dutch TV channel refuses advertisement showing 4 and 6 week* alive baby in the womb STER NPO1 2 and 3.

“The censoring by STER is the best evidence that Dutch pro-aborts feel threatened that medical scans of an alive baby in the womb would expose abortion for what it is”, says spokesperson Salome van der Wende. initially intended to show a 30 second educational advertisement on STER NPO 1, 2 and 3. STER however responded saying: “Given the sensitive subject, this can be perceived as too shocking for viewers. Also, we do not want this from a legal and company perspective.”

Another channel is however showing the ads. More…

Recently AbortusInformatie held a street awareness campaign outside the EO Evangelische Omroep offices in Hilversum, on their 50th anniversary. A few days prior on a Pauw TV roundtable program some said they had been ‘too activist’ on ethical / moral issues in the past (Pauw 17.4.2017).

A man claiming to work for EO (who twice when asked refused to give his name):

(a) attempted to confiscate and walk away with’s courtesy sign, during our education display on the public walkway;

(b) when we asked for it to be returned, he put our sign behind his back out of reach, and sat on it;

(c) then attempted to silence Ms. Van der Wende later by blocking her path as she walked, forcing her sign down to the ground, arms over the sign, and in an intimidating manner warned not to inform others of what had taken place. More…

We held an educational display to bring awareness to around 20.000 visitors of the 2017 EO Jongerendag youth day held in Arnhem Gelredome, many of whom passed us on either side on the way in.

A politician of the D66 party in Arnhem was furious, believing it to be EO youth displaying our signs, instead of us –

After one passerby complained, EO staff walked up. Responding that we had done the paperwork with the council, and this was the area they had allocated, they left to check. ‘Helaas stonden deze mensen niet op het terrein van het Gelredome en konden ze daardoor niet weggestuurd worden door medewerkers’.

Earlier years we have also had runins with the staff of the EO Jongerendagen, who don’t want us there. More…